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Socrata Browser Support

Clare Zimmerman
posted this on February 25, 2013 09:43

Socrata supports the two most recent versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, and the three most recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  

Socrata also supports some functionality on many mobile/tablet browsers as well.  

Because Socrata’s dynamic visualizations aren’t rendered exactly the same by all browsers, if you have the ability to choose your browser, we suggest Google Chrome for the best possible experience.

 Browser  Supported Version (s)  Download Link
 Microsoft Internet Explorer  9, 10, 11  Windows
 Google Chrome  31, 32  Windows | Mac | Linux
 Apple Safari  6, 7  Mac App Store
 Mozilla Firefox  26, 27  Windows | Mac | Linux


You can find information regarding the deprecation of support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 here.