FAQ: New Goal Editing Experience

Q: I don’t see this new experience on my site yet, how do I get it?

A: Please email your Customer Success Manager or support@socrata.com when you are ready to begin previewing and editing your goals to the new experience.

Note: Additional reference found in the article 'How To Get The New Goal Editing Experience.'


Q: I won’t be updating my goals until next month, will that be a problem?

A: Nope! Your goals will continue to exist as is. When you are ready to start using the new editing experience, let your Customer Success Manager or support@socrata.com know. We will then enable the new experience so that you can begin previewing and publishing your goals using the new experience.


Q: Is anything on the goal pages that is changing with the new editor?

A: Yes, there are a few features of the current goal editing experience which will not have a one-to-one replacement. Please follow this link to learn about what's new and what's being deprecated (removed)!

You can also follow up in the release notes where you can read all about these features and how to accomplish a very similar thing in the new editor.


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