Editing your goals

Looking at a published goal page, users can expect it to look the same as usual

When you click on Edit, a new tab opens and you will be directed to the new edit experience!

Note: There are a few things that are different in this new editing experience

  • A new menu bar and rich text edit toolbar
  • Panels that slide in from the left and right when you click Menu, Add Content and Style & Presentation
  • The table looks a bit different, as does the page formatting and text spacing
  • Hovering over the prevailing measures and sections of the narrative, you will see a green Edit button and some other controls. 
  • You can move the Prevailing Measure from the top of the page to anywhere on the goal page you'd prefer!

Clicking on Edit in the prevailing measure, a modal opens atop the page. This modal contains the same "Mad Libs Style" interface.

Making edits or updates within the prevailing measure modal will auto-save and be made available to the public immediately. Editing or updating anywhere else on the page will not override the existing public facing version of the page until you explicitly click Update on the Menu panel.

Note: There is some discrepancy between the way a user builds out the Open Performance narrative with these controls (specifically the two-column layout option):


… and the way a user interacts with that narrative using the drag-and-drop component blocks in the new experience:

However, users should not worry about the functionality of the page, while it might look different layout-wise, the page will still be completely functional! Users are free to customize the layout or manually rearrange content boxes. 

Once you are satisfied with the layout and content, you can Preview or Update Published Version. Clicking Preview will allow you to take a look at the page before publishing. Clicking Update Published Version will update the page and close the goal and move to the next one.



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