How to get the new goal editing experience

There is a requirement in order for customers to upgrade to the new goal editing experience:

Header Footer configuration must be enabled on your Open Performance domain. For additional information on this new configuration, please follow this link.

Because there are features in the new editor that didn’t exist before, edits made with the new editor will not transfer back to the old editor. So, when you, as a site Administrator, are ready to start using the new editor for goals across your site, please let your Customer Success Manager know, or email, and we will turn it on!

Note: Once the new editor is enabled on your site, any time you “edit” (update) a goal page, your existing goal page will automatically launch in the new editor. Any edits made to the prevailing measure will auto-save and be made available to the public instantly, but because of the new draft feature, all other components of the goal page will be updated when you are ready to publish the new version.


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