What's new and different about the new goal editing experience

What's new!

1. Improved mobile responsiveness: When you migrate your goals to the new editing experience, users will experience better mobile responsiveness which allows them to view these anywhere and on the go!

2. Faster experience: With the new goal experience, users will be able to edit and update their goals at a much more reliable rate than the legacy experience.

3. A new drag and drop editor: Select various content blocks to add to the page, and then simply drag them onto the page where you want them to appear and start adding content. 

With the new authoring experience, you can now move the Prevailing Measure around. It no longer will be tethered to the top of your goal!

4. Draft and published states: Previously, any edits you made to a goal page appeared instantly on the public version. Any edits made to the prevailing measure will still auto-save. But changes to all other parts of the goal will be updated when you are ready to publish the page by selecting “Update Public Version”.

5. New media types: You can now add an embed from almost anywhere on the web. So get those YouTube videos, interactive CartoDB maps, Twitter feeds, and Wufoo forms ready for primetime! Users also have access to the getty repo library when uploading images!

4. New data visualizations: With the new editor, you can now add (and create) charts and maps from the new visualization library directly into the goal page.

5. Custom style guides: Don't want to use the default styles that are present within the goal canvas? You now have the option to add your own custom style guide!

What's being removed?

1. Goal Background Image

How it works today: While editing the goal page, you can add a custom background image which appears behind the prevailing measure and fades out from top to bottom of the page. The default image is a grey cloud background.

Why we are removing this feature: The new editing experience provides much more flexibility in how you can add images to the page, including a “hero” image that behaves almost exactly the same as the background image but without the fading.

How to add a hero image in the new authoring experience: If you would still like an image at the top of the page, there are a couple of options available to you:

  1. You can add the full image hero content block, which will allow you to upload an image or select from the Getty image library, and the image will span the full width of the page and start immediately from the header. The only difference between this and the previous background header image is that it does not fade, and you can instead control how tall you want the image to be. You can also opt to have text overlay the image, or remove the text.
  2. You can add any of the “Rich Media and Text” content blocks for any combination of images and text. For example, you could have two images side-by-side, or a large image with text to the right-hand side. It’s up to you!

2. Data Governance Section

How it works today: At the end of every goal page, there is a “Data Governance” section that is visible for logged-in users with a role on the Performance site. This sections contains statistical information about the quality of data used for the prevailing measure and how well the data fits the model used to predict whether the goal is on track or not.

Why we are removing this feature? Because aggregated data (i.e. one statistic per month) is most frequently used for performance measurement, and there has been a large variety in the shape and make-up of data used in goals, these statistics are most often not valuable in helping users take action to improve data quality or the model’s fit. In the future as we add to and improve the types of prevailing measures used for goals, we may consider incorporating statistical analysis again in a way that better aids goal authors in analyzing their goals.  

3. On Track Animation

How it works today: In the Prevailing Measure of each goal, users have the ability to show or hide the timeline chart of the measure.

While the new editing experience provides much more flexibility in how you can add images to the page and the layout of your goal, animations are not included in this upgrade. Therefore, the chart timeline will always be displayed on your goals.



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