Coming Soon: “Community” Badges (26 January 2017)

We are excited to announce that a frequently requested feature - “Community” badges for data assets - is coming soon to your Socrata site! “Community” badges help you and your users quickly find the most relevant data by visually identifying which assets are owned by your organization, versus which assets have been created by members of the broader community.

What you need to know

  1. New “Community” badges will automatically appear on applicable catalog listings, charts, maps, and filtered views.
  2. “Community” badges will display based on who owns an asset. Assets owned by roled users (e.g. Administrators, Publishers, etc) on your site will *not* receive a badge. Assets not owned by roled users on your site (e.g. members of the broader community) *will* receive a “Community” badge.
  3. In addition to the badges, you will now be able to quickly filter by official and community-created content through a new filter option in your catalog called “Authority.”
  4. Important Note: This update does not change the visibility of community-related content on your site. Community assets will still only be visible when you have ‘Approved’ specific assets (via View Moderation) or if View Moderation is not enabled on your site.

This update will happen to your site within the next week, and there is no action needed from you to activate.


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