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“Community” Badges

“Community” badges help you and your users quickly find the most relevant data by visually identifying which assets are owned by your organization, versus which assets have been created by members of the broader community.

“Community” badges will display based on who owns an asset. Assets owned by roled users (e.g. Administrators, Publishers, etc) on your site will not receive a badge. Assets not owned by roled users on your site (e.g. members of the broader community) will receive a “Community” badge.

In addition to the badges, you are also able to quickly filter by official and community-created content through a new filter option in your catalog called “Authority.”

Administrators will also see a "provenance" column in the Asset Inventory that indicates whether each asset is marked as "official" or "community."

Remember: All assets not owned by a roled user (Administrator, Publisher, etc) on your site will receive a “Community” badge. If you observe an asset with a badge - but you do not believe it should have one - please verify the asset’s owner first. Then, if appropriate, transfer ownership of this asset to a roled user on your domain.

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