FAQ: New Visualization Canvas

Overview: We are excited to offer the new visualization library that is currently in Perspectives to Socrata Publica and Socrata Performance!

Q: What is the “new Socrata visualization experience”?

A: The new visualization experience is the new editor and exploration experience for charts and maps on your Socrata site. You will be able to preview the new visualization editor from the same green “Visualize” button you do today, and explore any created and saved new visualizations from the catalog or your profile.

Q: How do I stay up to date on all the new features in the new visualization experience?

A. We are working towards feature parity with the legacy visualizations. To stay up to date on newly released features, you can subscribe to our Release Notes! You can do so by navigating to https://support.socrata.com/hc/en-us, selecting the icon for "Product News", and clicking on the header "Check out the latest". Once there, hit the Follow button and you're set. The second way to stay up to date is to review this article which will highlight new features in the functionality matrix as they are released!

Q: Why is Socrata creating a brand new visualization experience?  

A: Data visualizations are an incredibly important way for you to convey information and insights about your data, so making visualizations should be easy to do without needing extensive technical or data-savvy skills. Taking everything we’ve heard and seen from how Socrata’s current visualizations and Data Lens are used today, we are incorporating critical functionality with an easy-to-use editor to improve the data visualization experience in Socrata. We are also going to be unifying visualizations across the platform, so whether you are making a chart in a Performance goal, a Perspectives story, or from a dataset in your catalog, creating and exploring a visualization will be the same delightful experience.

Q: Who will have access to the Visualization Canvas?

A: All users will be able to utilize the new Visualization Preview and create and save new visualizations.

Q: Where do these new visualizations live once they’re saved?

A: Just like existing charts, maps, and Data Lens, the new visualizations will live under “More Views” of the associated dataset and Primer page. If the dataset is public, new visualizations will also live in the catalog and are found under "Charts," "Maps," or the “Data Lens” type. It is important to note that while some newly created visualizations live under the view type "Data Lens", they do not function the same as a generated Data Lens page. For information on creating Data Lens pages, refer to this article.

Q: What permissions will the newly created visualizations have?

A: The new visualizations will inherit the permissions of the underlying dataset and will be saved under a unique URL. Note: This is slightly different then the legacy visualizations permissions, for information on legacy visualization permissions refer to this article.

Q: Can I embed my newly created visualizations into a webpage?

A: Yes! Users have the option to configure and embed their visualizations into other webpages using a generated HTML embed code!

Q: What’s happening to the existing viz creation tools on the data table page?

A:  The ability to create classic visualizations has been deprecated per this article: "Product Update: Deprecating Classic Maps and Visualizations."

Q: What’s going to happen with all the visualizations created using those legacy tools?

A: Your existing visualizations will remain as is with no changes, and you will continue to be able to edit these visualizations. Eventually these will be migrated to the new visualization experiecne. Please refer to this article for more information: Product Update: Deprecating Classic Maps and Visualizations

For instructions on how to edit these visualizations, follow this link!

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