Socrata Publica Release Notes for 2/6/2017: Community Badges

It’s All About Community

One of the many reasons cited for publishing government data online is so that members of the community can explore that data to answer questions. That data exploration often leads to community-created visualizations which can be saved, shared, and sometimes even listed in your catalog alongside your organization’s published content. Previously it had been difficult to find these community-created assets in your catalog, so in response to a frequently requested feature we are excited to begin launching “Community” badges.

These badges will automatically appear for assets (like filters and charts) created by individuals who do not have a user role on your domain. Additionally, your data catalog will now default to showing official assets and users can change between official, community, and all assets through a new filter option in your catalog called “Authority.” By differentiating assets created by community members versus official users from your organization, it will be even easier to find the information you are looking for in your data catalog.

This feature is available today for sites where View Moderation is not enabled, and will be coming to all other sites within the next few weeks.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how Community badges work.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Configurable header and footer
    • Updated the tooltip description for the configurable header’s primary and secondary colors using the Rally template. The tooltip now correctly describes that the primary color is for the navigation bar color, and the secondary color is for the top bar with the site logo.
    • Fixed an issue where occasionally when previewing updates to the header or footer, the updated configurations would disappear from the Site Appearance fields.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the table previews on Primer pages were not loading correctly.
  • Made SEO (search engine optimization) improvements to datasets.
  • Removed an unused broken logo that was causing issues for a scan on a site.
  • Added additional translated strings for Primer and Data Lens pages to languages other than English.
  • Updated the “official” icon used on Data Lens pages to a new official icon and color.
  • Fixed an issue where the Data Jobs page occasionally would show “Site Unavailable.”
  • Fixed an issue where forms containing an attachment field were failing to accept attachments.


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