Coming Soon: New Internal Navigation Menu for Publica Sites (9 March 2017)

The grey, internal navigation menu, which appears only for logged-in users, is a familiar feature for Socrata Performance users. Within the next few weeks, this menu bar will be making its way to all Publica (open data) sites as well, to become the standard navigation for users who are logged into their Socrata sites.


The menu bar contains quick links and references to pages and actions you, as a logged-in user, frequently need. Additionally, the new menu has a notifications feature, which will alert you when there are new Socrata product updates. This new notifications feature will replace the existing “The latest from Socrata” panel on the profile page.

This menu is different from the branded header and footer used on public-facing pages, and will only be visible for those who are logged in with a role on the site.


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