Socrata Education Details

Your Socrata Solution is only as good as the people you have managing it, and unfortunately passing the tribal knowledge along to the rest of the team isn’t always the top priority. Socrata’s Education curriculum is specifically designed to ensure your entire team gets the most from your technology investment. Our qualified, certified instructors are well versed in creating education plans that equip teams of all skill and experience levels with the ongoing education needed to run a successful Socrata program.

With your paid subscription Education Package, you’re ensuring that all of your Socrata users have access to the training they need to do their jobs - whenever they need it through the Socrata Education Portal at There’s no limit to the number of times classes can be taken, allowing users to repeat classes when they need a refresher or update on new features. There are no seat licenses either, so you can onboard new Socrata users at any time as your program grows to include new team members, departments, or agencies.

If you wish to learn more about Socrata Education Packages, or, your organization's current Education subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 




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