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Tell a Story with Socrata Perspectives (Live and OnDemand)

With Socrata Perspectives, you can easily and quickly produce narrative reports and stories. In this two hour course, we'll share how to create and edit a story, especially how to take advantage of the different types of media that are supported. You'll also leave knowing how to manage the story, invite collaborators and share it with others.


Introduction to Automated Publishing (Live)

Learn what it takes to automate publishing data to the Socrata platform. We’ll cover workflow basics and show you the options for integrating your existing data with your Open Data Portal. Some options showcased in this course are Data Sync, FME Socrata Writer, and Pentaho Kettle. You’ll leave with the tools and knowledge to determine your organization’s best integration strategy.

Advanced Data Integration (Live)

Bring your questions, workflows, error messages, and more. Your integration support specialist will be available to answer questions about setting up updates, automating, scheduling, and any general integration challenges you might have. The first 20 minutes will be reserved for a short demo and then the rest of the time will be open office hours.

This webinar will be most useful for users who have taken Introduction to Automated Publishing or are familiar with publishing on the Socrata Platform. 


Publish and Visualize Data Using Socrata Publica (Live and OnDemand)

The “Publish and Visualize Data Using Socrata Publica” course is an introductory course that is ideal for individuals who: 

  • Are new to the role of publishing on a new or established Socrata Publica Open Data site
  • Will serve as an Administrator for a Publica Open Data site and need an understanding of the publishing experience 

In this course we offer hands-on activities to enable fluency in uploading, publishing, navigating a dataset and creating visualizations.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Prepare a dataset for uploading
  • Publish a dataset for public discoverability
  • Aggregate data
  • Consume a publicly available dataset
  • Utilize tools to increase visibility to published datasets, filtered views and visualizations

Configure Your Socrata Public Finance Site (Live and OnDemand)

Learn everything you need to know to autonomously maintain and grow your finance sites and transparency program, including:

  1. Customizing the look and feel of your site
  2. Managing user permissions for your program
  3. Managing the data that powers your site
  4. Configuring annotations, common questions, related content, and homepage cards for each site.

Design Session Basics for Socrata Publica (OnDemand)

After this course you will be able to: 

  1. Discuss the purpose of a Socrata site and the audience it’s intended to serve
  2. Fully participate in a Socrata Program Manager led Design Session.

Discover the Open Data Network (ODN) (OnDemand)

After watching this course's videos and completing a Knowledge Check quiz, you will be able to:

  1. Describe what the Open Data Network (ODN) is.
  2. Describe a way in which ODN is able to visualize data.
  3. Navigate and use the site (https://www.opendatanetwork.com).

Socrata Publica Site Administration (Live and OnDemand)

If you are a Socrata Publica site Administrator, then this is the course for you. We'll answer all your questions and offer hands-on activities about administering a site, including how to add users and select appropriate site roles and permissions, configuring metadata for site data, understanding site analytics, and sharing data through Federation. 

After this course you will be able to: 

  1. Make data-driven decisions using platform-based analytical tools
  2. Manage the look and feel of a Publica site. 
  3. Set custom fields and categories to enhance metadata for a dataset. 
  4. Share data from one Socrata site to another through the federation tool. 
  5. Create a template for exporting and embedding datasets, views, and visualizations.

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Socrata Performance Site Administration (Live)

Administrators of performance sites will learn how to manage their site to support a growing performance program. Learn to: configure the look and feel of the site, set custom fields and categories to enhance dataset metadata, federate data from one site to another, manage permissions, and monitor dataset activity.

Build Goals and Dashboards Using Socrata Performance (Live)

This webinar will introduce the structure of an Open Performance Dashboard and the relationship between the different components. Participants will learn how to create and manage a goal dashboard along with how to create & manage goal tiles and pages. We'll walk through configuring a prevailing measure, a key component to a goal. Finally, we'll show how to add supporting measures and goal narrative. Most importantly, we'll help you find answers to all of your Open Performance questions. 


Launching & Promoting Your Data Program (OnDemand)

In this course, we'll teach you how to start promoting your data program by creating press releases, social media campaigns. We'll also cover how to use the Socrata Program Launch Kit to drive traffic to your site.


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