Socrata Education Policy

Education Registration Policy

Registration for Live training events at remains open up to and after the course is in session. Note, however, that our courses are designed with hands-on practice, and the lessons in the course consecutively build on previous lessons. Joining a session late reduces the value of the session for you, other students, and the instructor. 

If you join a session after the first 10 minutes have elapsed, you will miss out on logistics for the hands on practice and key first steps. If you are unable to join within the first 10 minutes, please deregister for that session and choose a future session. 

Course sessions may be cancelled with notice to all registrants if no students are in the training environment after 10 minutes have elapsed. 

Education Cancellation Policy

If you are no longer able to attend a session you have registered for, navigate to the course at and deregister for that session. You may then immediately register for a future session of the same course. We reserve the right to cancel and reset registrations for repeat no-shows. 

While infrequently necessary to do so, Socrata Education may cancel any session for any reason, with notice to all registered students. 

While uncommon, if only one student is registered for a course, Socrata Education may cancel and/or reschedule that particular session of the course, with notice to the registered student. 

Education Program Levels

Access to Socrata Education courses is available to our Socrata Education subscribers via our Education Portal at Customers will be given an Access Code to be used by personnel to register in the Education Portal. This Access Code expires on the customer’s annual renewal date and will be extended with the customer’s contract upon renewal.

Education programs are included in the cost of Socrata Connected Government Cloud and some Open Data products purchased during and after 2018. Different subscription tiers provide for different levels of Education programs. Refer to your Account Manager for details. 

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