Socrata Platform Release Notes for 4/4/2017: Navigation and Notifications

New Navigation and Notifications

As previously announced, the internal navigation menu found on Performance sites has made it’s way over to all Publica sites. Additionally, a new “notifications” bell will help you stay up to date on the latest updates and changes to the Socrata platform.


This new menu bar contains links to pages and actions you, as a logged-in user, frequently need. The menu is different from the branded header and footer used on public-facing pages, and is only visible for those who are logged in with a role on your site.

Along with a unified navigation for Socrata sites, product updates will now be easier to learn about. Previously, important product updates were published in the “Latest from Socrata” section on your profile page, but without any way for you to know if something was new. Now, with the new notification bell an orange dot will appear any time there is a new update you have not yet seen.

For product-specific updates please continue to subscribe to release notes, but otherwise everything you need to to stay up to date and navigate around your Socrata sites can be found through the new navigation menu.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • New visualization experience updates and bug fixes:
    • Editing a visualization’s title and description is now easier: when you click on the title or description in the editor, the sidebar will open where you can make updates to the fields.
    • You can now customize the y-axis minimum and maximum values, if the default ones are not the best option for your chart. 
    • Flyouts now always contain the row unit label, no matter where you hover on the chart.
  • Data Lens and Primer now use the new official and community badges depending on the owner of that dataset or Data Lens.


Check out our other Product News, and give us a shout at with questions or ideas.

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