Publica Release Notes for 4/18/2017: ArcGIS Catalog Connector Upgrade

Catalog Connector for ArcGIS Upgrade

Geospatial data continues to become more important in successfully growing data programs, and many users rely on ArcGIS for publishing that geospatial data. Previously, through the Catalog Connector for ArcGIS publishers could federate ArcGIS data to create searchable and discoverable external assets in the Socrata catalog. Based on lots of feedback from users of the Connector, publishers can now also automatically discover and sync data from an ArcGIS server to Socrata, and host that data as native Socrata datasets.


These new geospatial datasets will display as maps on your Socrata platform, and come with the full geospatial export and API functionality. Similar to the current ArcGIS Catalog Connector, these geospatial datasets will automatically update daily with no additional work needed from your data automation team.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the Catalog Connector for ArcGIS works.


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