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Citizen Connect is one of the latest products in the Socrata suite, and since it’s launch in March a lot has been happening! Below you’ll find a few of the top new features added in the last couple of months, as well as information about a webinar with the City of Santa Rosa who will be sharing what they learned about their homeless emergency through the use of Citizen Connect.


Webinar: Tackling Homelessness with Data


Join Eric McHenry, CIO at City of Santa Rosa, and Clare Hegg, Product Marketing Manager at Socrata, as they talk about how the City of Santa Rosa tackled their homeless emergency through the use of data. You’ll hear not only about the challenges Santa Rosa faced in rethinking its homeless strategy, but also how they implemented successful changes by using Citizen Connect to showcase program-specific data.

This webinar will be on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT, and you can register here. We hope to see you there!


The Newest Features for Citizen Connect

Searching Descriptions

To help users who are looking to answer specific questions, in addition to searching by the place (or address), pin number, or the region, you can now allow your users to search by description. By enabling this type of search, users can quickly filter down the map to things that are important to them, such as all open 311 ticket requests, a crime type, or even all permits that are related to flood work.

Advanced Trends

Citizen Connect now automatically provides an advanced trends view into the Tickets datasets, breaking down the data by status (such as Open, In Progress, or Closed for a 311 ticket, Attempted or Completed for a police incident, for example) and providing a view into when services are requested from the community by time of day and day of week.


More Configurability

There are a number of new administrative features, allowing you to present your data in a way that makes sense given the context of your city, county, state, or other jurisdiction. As an Admin, you can now:

  • determine if you want the right hand sidebar on the homepage, or the overview, to default to open or closed when someone first comes to your site;
  • set the term used for “pin” to something like “ticket” or “incident” and that term will then be used throughout the site experience for your users;
  • set the name of the datasets listed on the download page, making it easier for the user to find what they need;
  • and set the default radius for the “near me” search to best fits the geographic size of your jurisdiction, as well as the density of the pins on the map.

For more information about these latest product updates, check out the full release notes.


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