Socrata Platform Release Notes: Visualization Updates and Restoring Deleted Data (3 July 2017)

New Updates for the Visualization Technical Preview

In the beginning of March you received access to the new visualization creation and exploration experience technical preview. Since then, we’ve been adding new features and fixing bugs, largely based on the great feedback we’ve received from you! Here are some of the new features you can now take advantage of:

New Stacked Bar and Column Charts

If you’ve added an additional dimension to group your data in a bar or column chart, you can now use stacked bar or column charts in addition to the grouped view that was previously available.


These stacked bar and column charts allow you to easily compare the total values across groups in addition to the individual dimensions.

Custom Coloring

Branding, particularly colors, can be incredibly important for certain visualizations you create. To ensure you can match any branding or color guidelines you need (or want!) to follow, you can now add custom colors for your visualizations.


You can select from the recommended color options we offer, or you can enter hex codes in directly for a specific color you need.

Embed Anywhere

In case you missed this feature from a previous release note, you can embed these new visualizations elsewhere on the web! You can insert any of the beautiful new visualizations you create on any site where you can add a little bit of html code, such as your official government website, your intranet site, or an online news article.


When you hover over the visualization in edit mode, simply click on the embedIcon.png icon, select the best embed size, and copy/paste the embed code.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the new visualization experience works.


More Time to Recover Deleted Data

Previously, if you or someone on your site deleted a dataset, Administrators had five days to easily restore that dataset from the Data Jobs page. Based feedback from users, five days wasn’t quite enough time to learn about datasets that were accidentally deleted and take action to restore them, so we’ve increased the restore time to 14 days.

Now if your administrator is out on vacation (which might happen as we get into these summer months!), or someone doesn’t realize the mistake until a week later, you still have time to take action and restore your critical data.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the Data Jobs page works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • New visualization technical preview:
    • While the legend for a chart will default on or off depending on the best practice for the type of chart you are creating, you can now chose to toggle the legend on or off depending on your preference.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the histogram charts were not displaying correctly in IE11.
    • Some adjustments were made to improve performance of the visualization editor, particularly for larger datasets.
    • The filter slider now works on columns with a money data type in the same way you can filter numbers.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the number of views for a visualization was incorrectly displaying as 0.
    • If you are editing a new visualization in a Perspectives story or on a Performance goal with the new goal editing experience, you will now see the filter options for the visualization.
  • On Primer and the view visualization pages, the menu buttons such as “View Data” and “Download” now stay on the right side of the page, and if the title is long it will wrap to a second line.
  • Improved the mobile responsiveness of Primer to better handle metadata fields and long column titles.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering on an ESRI Connector map was not always correctly filtering out the points on the map.
  • Accessibility improvements were made to the catalog page, the dataset pages, the profile page, and navigation and search functionality.
  • Data Lens pages now correctly display the date and time format configured for the dataset.
  • Longer titles for assets in the catalog now wrap correctly so the text is aligned properly on the page.
  • Fixed an issue where the dataset suggestions were not appearing on the Dataset Nominations page in IE11.
  • Fixed an issue where the table in Primer was not appearing for a dataset.


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