Coming Soon: New Visualization Experience Available for All Users

Expanding Access to the New Visualization Experience

Starting in early November, the new visualization experience will be moving from tech preview to general availability for everyone.


The improvements we've made to the new visualization library will become the default experience for all users. Based on extensive feedback from users like you, this experience now includes:

  • The ability for all users, including self-serve public accounts, to access the visualization creation surface
  • Lightning-fast load times, especially for large datasets and complex visualizations
  • Vastly improved search experience within the interactive text filters
  • New chart types, including 100% stacked bar and column charts
  • More flexible data schema requirements for timeline and column charts

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the new visualization experience works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • New visualization tech preview
    • If your chart has text months (January, February, March, etc) as the primary measure for a column or bar chart, you can now sort logically in the order that the months occur during the year, rather than just alphabetically.
    • Improved accessibility for the new visualization tech preview.
    • You can now select a "No Time Grouping" option to smooth gaps in timeline charts.
  • New dataset table preview
    • Selecting the “Apply” button now shows conditional formatting on the data table view without needing to also Save.
    • You can now dismiss the "preview the new experience" message for the new grid view preview.
  • On the site analytics page chart, previously when the date range was set for the last 30 days, each day along the x-axis was listed with the month abbreviation and the year making it difficult to determine each day. Now the days are listed with the month and day, such as Jan-01.
  • When a form is changed from public to private, or vice versa, the email sent to Administrators (if they have email notifications enabled) indicated the opposite permission from what the form was actually given. This is now fixed.
  • When opening a file in Carto from a dataset’s Primer page, the file size warning has been updated to 150MB or 500,000 rows, to reflect the import size limit for the free plan with Carto.
  • Sometimes when users who were shared an asset prior to creating a Socrata account then login for the first time with SSO, the permissions for their shared asset are removed. This is now fixed.
  • The "All Inventory Dataset" button now appears only on "All Assets" tab in the asset management experience.
  • An error when adding new featured content to the catalog pages is now fixed.
  • In the asset management experience, the autocomplete results will now display values correctly based on which tab of data (My Assets, Shared to Me, or All Assets) you are viewing.


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