Easily Connect Socrata Data to Applications Like Power BI (8 November 2017)

Use OData to Analyze Socrata Data With Your Other Applications

Sometimes the best way to analyze and understand the data published in a Socrata site is through another tool, such as Power BI or Tableau. While you can certainly export your data and load it into your tool of choice, a special API protocol, OData, allows for an easy connection from Socrata into another application. Every dataset in Socrata has an OData v2 endpoint, and as of today, the latest version of OData (v4) is supported as well.


This new version will allow you to continue to use the latest and greatest tools with OData, and it also takes advantage of some performance improvements. Once you copy the OData endpoint from your Socrata dataset, loading it into another tool typically involves pasting the link, doing an initial load of the data, and then you can use that data just link any other file for your analysis or visualizations.

To explore which tools you currently use that might support this type of connection, check out Socrata’s documentation on opening Socrata data in other tools such as PowerBI and Excel Get & Transform, as well as OData’s documentation on Consumers of the OData endpoint.

While we encourage you to start using this newest version of OData, the older version and endpoints will still be supported at this time.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how OData works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • The dropdowns and flyouts from the menu buttons on Primer pages are now more consistent and easy to use.
  • Error message when activity log data is having trouble loading is now more descriptive.
  • The new visualization experience is now available to all users (no longer in preview!).
  • While the new visualization experience is now available to everyone, classic charts are still available through a link on the “Visualize” sidebar.
  • Hovering over a new visualization bar chart now shows dates formatted the same as the preview table.
  • Improved accessibility features on the new visualization experience.
  • Minor style updates on some administration pages.


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