User and Asset Management, Refined (4 December 2017)

Search, invite, and manage users on your Socrata site more easily

Managing users on a Socrata site is something many site Administrators do regularly. As data sharing programs have grown, organizations’ user lists have gotten longer and longer. As a result, to save Administrators’ time and provide them with more control over their organization, we have given the Admin User Management panel a hefty refresh and made it easier than ever to find and manage many Socrata site users.


In addition to the core set of actions any Site Administrator can take to manage site users, this refreshed experience offers several key enhancements:

  • Review when a user was “Last Active” on a site to identify users who have disengaged and may no longer require access
  • Utilize search auto-complete to efficiently find and manage users with roles on your site
  • Search within your organization’s users rather than across all platform users to keep your users and their profiles private
  • Faster page loads for long user lists

Note: While the new experience has been enabled for many Socrata sites this week, it will be enabled for all Socrata sites within the next two weeks.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how User Management works.


Redesigned asset management, available for all users

To ensure that all users are using the latest-and-greatest experience for managing and accessing their Socrata data assets, users’ profiles have been updated with a ‘minified’ list of their most-recently-updated assets, along with a button (“View All”) to access the same powerful asset management experience already in use by Site Administrators and Publishers (including search autocomplete for rapid asset searching, the ability to identify recently viewed assets, and the option to filter by custom metadata facets). These new experiences should enable *all* Socrata users to find, access, and manage their data assets more efficiently than ever before!


Introducing the Combo Chart

Choose any dimension (even a text column!), add multiple measures, and visualize them all together as both columns and lines. You can plot all measures on the same axis, or enable a secondary axis to view two sets of measures with varying scales. This highly requested feature is available now on all domains.


Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how visualizations work.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements were made to autocomplete functionality when you search for data assets in the catalog.
  • Embedded maps now have an improved styling.
  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity in pending account emails.
  • Searches from catalogs not in English will now display results in the same language.
  • An issue preventing users from searching by a dataset’s identifier in the Asset Management page is now resolved.
  • Sometimes attachments on datasets were not working as expected. This is now resolved.
  • If you’ve selected the option to not display an account sign up link on your site, the link to do so will no longer appear on user login pages.
  • Visualization updates and bug fixes:
    • Visualizations will now be categorized as a “Chart” or “Map” asset type instead of a Data Lens asset type.
    • The axis number precision on charts is now improved.
    • Some charts were not properly generating a snapshot image for use in featured content. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where map visualizations would occasionally show no points.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some older, public charts from being displayed to anonymous users.
    • Chart axis based on percent columns will now display as percentages.


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