How Data Lens Permissions Map into Stories

We are deprecating Data Lens by the end of 2023! To learn more about Data Lens Deprecation, please see our Deprecation Roadmap.

In light of the upcoming data lens deprecation, it is important to note the differences in asset type permissions below. This will be especially important for users and administrators who will be replacing their data lens pages with story pages.

Data Lens Actions 

Story Actions

All Users can create a new version of an existing Data Lens page when signed in

Only users with Administrator, Publisher, or Perspectives roles/rights to create, update, or copy a Story.

Community users will not be able to create, update, or copy Stories.

All roled users can create a new Data Lens page from a dataset

Only users with Administrator or Perspectives roles/rights can create a new Story page.

Administrators and Publishers can:

  • Manage the public visibility of a Data Lens page
  • Mark a Data Lens page "Official

Administrators, Publishers, and Perspectives roles/rights can manage visibility of a Story.

Stories that are created by a rolled user will be marked as Official in the catalog.

Only administrators change the Owner of a Data Lens page

Story owners have the ability to transfer ownership.

Note: Click on this link to learn more about managing perspectives user roles. 

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