Weekly updates (March 30, 2021)

Site Analytics updates

We have expanded the list of bots excluded from the Asset Access dataset. This includes filtering out records for these bots moving forward as well as removing records for bots that are currently in Asset Access. We made this change to ensure Asset Access is reflective of actual usage of assets rather than activity such as crawling and indexing.

Additionally, we noticed Asset Access was missing some grid view records for anonymous users, due to caching. With this fix, we are including all grid view records moving forward and updating past dates to add back records we missed.

Please note that we are making both of these updates retroactively which means data in Asset Access for past dates will change.

Platform update

  • To optimize performance, table visualizations are limited to 64 columns. Users are now notified they need to view the source dataset to see all the columns.

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at socrata-support@tylertech.com with questions or ideas.

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