Tyler Economic Intelligence - Affinity Data Premium

What is Affinity Data Premium? 

Affinity Data Premium is a module of Tyler Economic Intelligence that allows users to track and analyze consumer spending changes, a critical signal of economic activity. This data is highly granular in terms of its ability to be broken down by census tract (neighborhood level), by industry (26 MCC codes), and through time (data is aggregated weekly and refreshed monthly). This vital data, used by leading economists, is now available in aggregated form for state and local government executives and their staff so they can use that data to understand and track their economic activity. As a module of Tyler Economic Intelligence, Affinity Data Premium clients are able to explore the data as a metric within their dashboard and can intuitively track consumer consumption over time, broken down by industry, and geographically at the census tract level. The MCC industry codes and census tract IDs facilitates joining with other datasets, including Census demographic data. Affinity Data Premium clients are also able to export the data for internal sharing and for ad-hoc analysis. 

Why Use Affinity Data Premium? 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, state and local government leaders face unprecedented challenges in reviving their economies. In order to navigate their recovery and pinpoint economic recovery interventions to those areas most in need, state and local government leaders need granular, timely insights on the contours of economic activity in their jurisdiction. Affinity Data Premium uniquely allows state and local government leaders to answer questions such as: 

  • How is consumer spending affected by the pandemic? Are consumers in my jurisdiction spending less or more as a result of the pandemic? What are they spending their money on? 
  • How do public health interventions affect patterns in consumer spending? 
  • How is the pandemic affecting different consumer spending on different industries? Are there particular industries that warrant public policy interventions to promote economic development?
  • How does place affect economic recovery? Are there some neighborhoods that have suffered especially severe effects from the pandemic? Do different neighborhoods have different spending patterns? 

Who Uses Affinity Data Premium 

State and local government executives, economic development departments, and their staffs are key users of Affinity Data Premium. As a module in Tyler Economic Intelligence, this data is pre-packaged to allow even the most non-technical audiences to derive value from the data. However, since the data is also available to be exported for ad-hoc analysis, more technical personas can join the dataset with other datasets for advanced analysis. Key personas include:

  • Governor/Mayor/County Executives and their staff 
  • Policy director 
  • Economic development director 
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Community development director 
  • Disaster recovery director 
  • Small business services director 

How do I obtain Affinity Data Premium? 

Affinity Data Premium is available for sale as a module to all Economic Intelligence clients. Individuals interested in a free trial for 90 days should contact recovery_insights@tylertech.com to request an instance. 

What are the columns/fields in the data and how are they defined? 


Data Type 


Start date of the week (always a Monday).  



Industry sector - grouping of Merchant Category Codes.  

character varying (20) 


5-digit County FIPS code (based on cardholder address) OR 'REST'* 

character varying (20) 


6-digit Census Tract (based on cardholder address) OR 'REST'* 

character varying (6) 


City Name (based on cardholder address) OR 'REST'* 

character varying (65535) 


The total spend in US Dollars (transaction amounts > $0 only, returns are not included) 

numeric (38,2) 


The number of cards being reported. There must be minimum of 5 cards to report data in a single row. 

numeric (6)) 



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