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Creating Goals and Telling Stories with Performance Management

This video walks through the process of preparing your data for performance management, how to create visualizations to identify a story and goal, and how to create a goal. 


This webinar includes the following topics:

(0:00)    Introductions

(0:43)    What is GovStat?

(2:08)    Accessing GovStat

(3:00)    Prepping Data for GovStat

(5:12)    Importing and Managing Data in the Data Hub

(10:50) Identifying the Performance Management story through Visualizations

(16:09) Managing your Goal Dashboard

(18:15) Build a Goal

(19:48) Define your Prevailing Measure

(23:07) Write a Goal Headline and Measure Summary

(24:35) Connect your Goal to a Dataset

(31:37) Edit a Goal including adding a Target Tolerance

(33:50) Adding a Goal Narrative

(37:20) Overview of a Report Page

(37:55) Support Resources

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