Federating data from other domains

Open Data Federation allows datasets from your Socrata domain to appear on other Socrata data portals.  To be the recipient of federated data, the federation request must originate from a different data portal.

To federate your data with other data portals, first you will need to click on Federation within the administrative panel.


Next, use the search box type in the domain with which you wish to federate. This will return a list of potential matches.  


When you set up federation you set a "Search Boost" option that determines how high it appears in searches. The main site will always appear first, and then the "Search Boost" is a score from 0-1, with values closer to 1 appearing earlier. 

Note: You cannot change the search boost after you set it for each federation.

Tip! When federating a catalog from smaller entities (such as federating a state catalog with the catalog of cities and/or counties), you may want to adjust the priority of datasets showing up in search queries to manipulate their location in the search list. 

By clicking Publish, a request will automatically be sent to the site administrators of the domain as a request to federate into your site. Once they approve the request, federation will automatically happen.

At any point in time, you can Terminate the federation relationship. 

Once the federation has been approved, users will see these federated domains when searching your site's catalog, the example below is from New York State



Federating with Approvals

If approvals are being used on the source domain, only assets that are approved and the public will federate to the target domain. These assets will immediately appear in the catalog and will not go through approvals on the target domain, even if enabled.

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