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Advanced Visualizations: Socrata University 201


This recorded webinar provides step-by-step instructions to create advanced visualizations and the corresponding data views.

This webinar covers:

(0:00) Introduction

(1:06) Recap of Socrata University of 101 including uploading a dataset, creating metadata, and modifying the default display of the dataset. 

(7:20)   Create groupings and rollup views of a dataset

(8:40)   Sort a column

(9:36)   Create a column chart

(11:18) Create a pie chart

(12:28) Create a stacked and grouped column chart

(15:15) Edit column properties

(17:12) Create a point map

(18:45) Create map flyouts

(20:15) Apply conditional formatting to map points such as icons

(22:45) Create a boundary map

(24:06) Create a heat map

(24:50) Create a map mashup leveraging an uploaded shape file

(26:14) Review support resources




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