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Automating data updates: Intro to DataSync

This recording will provide an overview of setting up a dataset update automatically using DataSync 1.0


(00:02)    General Integration Overview

(01:24)    Specific Customer Dataset example

(02:15)    What is DataSync?

(02:36)    Launching DataSync

(03:12)    Updating an Existing Dataset

(04:20)    Establishing DataSync Credentials

(04:59)    Generating an App Token

(06:05)    Identifying a Header Row

(06:52)    Getting a Dataset Identifier

(07:23)    Selecting a Publishing Method

(08:26)    Generate a Control File

(09:18)    Test Run your Job

(09:44)    Save a job

(10:05)    Executing a Job via the Command Line

(11:01)    Updating a Dataset with Location Information

(12:52)    Developer Documentation

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