The Append and Replace Wizard

The Append and Replace wizard can be used to add rows to your existing platform dataset or completely replace the entire dataset. This can be done by users who have proper account and dataset permissions - site admin, publisher OR editor, designer AND dataset owner.

Here's how to access and use it --

Accessing the Append and Replace Wizard

  1. Go to the dataset that you'd like to update. Make sure that you are logged in and are on the data table view of the dataset (there should be a /data at the end of the URL). You can get to this page from Primer by selecting View Data.
  2. Click Edit which will open up the Edit panel
  3. Click Edit Dataset button to get to the working copy
  4. Clicking on the Edit panel again will reveal a new panel section 'Append and Replace' containing a 'Launch the Append and Replace wizard' button within it. 








The append function simply adds the source data to the end of your existing dataset. This will happen regardless of whether you have a row identifier set for your dataset. If you wish to perform an Upsert instead, you must use DataSync.

After reaching the wizard, if you wish to append to your dataset:

  1. Click the "Append" button
  2. Choose a file to upload
  3. You will be shown a scan of the data file you are appending. Here, you can review and configure which columns your data is being imported into
  4. Click 'Next' to finish appending the datafile contents onto the end of the platform dataset



If you wish to replace your dataset:

  1. Click the "Replace" button
  2. Follow the rest of the instructions in the "Append" section above
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