Add a new column

In this article, we will cover how to manually add a new column to a dataset.

1. Click on the Edit button to create a working copy in the dataset which you would like to add a column.

2. Once in the working copy click the Edit button again.

3. The Edit panel will have two sections you will only see in the working copy - the ‘Append and Replace’ section and the ‘Add column’ section. Under ‘Add column’ you need to provide a name and a Data type for the column you want to add. Providing a description is optional. Once you are done configuring your new column click ‘Create’ and your column will get added as the right-most column. 


4. There is another way to access the ‘Add column’ section. If you scroll all the way to the right of the working copy you will see a red plus sign icon in the header after the header. Clicking on this will allow you to configure a new column in the way described in step 3.

5. To move your new column to a different position in the dataset you can hover on the left edge of the column header and drag it to where you would like it.

Updating associated views with the new column.

You may have noticed that after adding a new column to a dataset, that it does not automatically appear on views that were created before the column was added.

If you would like to include this newly added column to your view table, all you need to do is navigate to your view, select the manage button, then select the Show and Hide tab, then select the checkbox for the newly added column. Newly added columns will show on the list of fields but by default will not be selected.

In the video below, I need to add a new column of the latest years data to my dataset. I would like to use this new data in a column chart I have built on the dataset. After adding the "2016" column to my underlying dataset, I select the box for "2016" under the manage panel in the view.

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