Tips and Tricks: Avoid filter/sort/group within a working copy when making edits

These sorts of actions can cause abnormal behavior in the working copy.

Abnormal behavior can be any of the following - blank view, missing or overlapping data when scrolling through the dataset, or not having inputted changes appear in the published copy.


Reasons for behavior

Using any row-level edit features while any filter/sort/group is active will cause this behavior as this combination of features has never been really fully supported. We will be reviewing this issue with our product and engineering team to discuss how this should be supported and also a timeline for changes to be made relative to other features in the queue. As this will take us some time to resolve, we  advise that in the meantime you avoid a filter/sort/group in a working copy.


To make it easier to update a dataset where a filter/sort/group would be useful one can export the working copy and make edits locally and then replace the working copy entirely before publishing.


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