Embedding a Dataset or Classic Visualization using the Social Data Player

Any dataset, chart, map, or filtered view on the Data & Insights platform can be embedded on your own website using the Social Data Player. We have provided steps below to walk you through how it's done.

1. Go to the dataset or classic visualization you wish to embed and click on the red "Embed" button in the upper right-hand corner.


2. In the sidebar that opens up, select the size you want, either from the 3 default options or create a custom size. Administrators can also create custom branded embed templates. See this support article for instructions. 

3. Once you have the size you want, you can preview the embed, and then copy the HTML in the “Embed this Dataset” box into your site. You should see the following chart on your site!

  • Tip: If you would like your embed to scale to the width of the screen/device you are on, change the width from a fixed size (example: 300px) to scale automatically by editing the embed HTML at the top of this pane. To do this, simply change the width to:
    • width=100%


 Here are some examples of embeds on the web:

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