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Moderate suggested dataset nominations

The suggest a dataset feature is a great way to get feedback from your users about what data they would like to see. The nominations submitted can be moderated by the administrators and publishers on the site. If moderation is turned on, here's how it works:

1. A user submits a dataset suggestion to your site by the "Suggest" button.


When that suggestion is submitted, it will be listed under the "Dataset Suggestions" but only visible for users who are logged in and are publishers or administrators on the site.

2. To moderate the suggestions, first login to your account and navigate to the "Dataset Suggestion" by adding "/nominate" to your domain URL.

3. You will see a list of suggestions, new ones will be listed as "Unmoderated" as the status.


5. Click "Moderate" to have the suggestion appear on the suggestion page for the general public, or click "Remove" to delete the suggestion.

6. Once it is considered open (or moderated), you can then select "Approve" or "Reject".


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    Mathias Gibson

    once you have deleted the spam from the moderations and left all legitimate requests, the approve/reject language seems redundant.  From our perspective we want to help each legitimate request, and if we can't provide the data at this time or if they are asking for data that we don't have, we don't want to say that we are rejecting it (that seems discouraging to users), but it becomes a feature request or get's added to our road map.  As a result I just mark everything as open that's a legitimate request and give them answers individually in the comments.  The approve/rejected should be removed, possibly replaced by something like "available, unavailable, under consideration"

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    Clare Zimmerman

    Hi Mathias, thank you for the suggestion! Would you mind adding that to the feature ideas, so that others can vote for it, and we can update you on our plans for that feature? http://support.socrata.com/forums/84703-Feature-Ideas. Thanks again!

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