Symbology of Maps and ESRI Layers

Map symbology support

1. Point Maps

When creating point maps based on datasets, users have the ability to add conditional formatting to edit the color of the points or the icons. For more information on this, follow this link.

2. KMZ, KML, SHP Maps

Socrata does not currently support any editing of symbology of data that is uploaded from a kmz, kml, or shp file through the "Import Geospatial Data" option. In these cases, features are assigned a default color (line = blue, points = red, polygons = grey). Once on the platform, it is not possible to further configure the map, although they can be overlaid with other maps as additional data layers.

3. Connect with an ArcGIS Map Layer

When using the "Connect with an ArcGIS Map Layer", the maps cannot be further configured through the data portal, but can be at the ArcGIS server endpoint.

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