Create a calendar

Note: Calendars are not available on newer sites and are subject to deprecation per the Deprecation Roadmap.

A calendar is a type of view that can be created off of an underlying dataset.

Requirement: In order to create a calendar your dataset must contain at least 1 Date & Time Column

To create a calendar:

1. Click on the green "Visualize" button and click Calendar (if your dataset does not contain a Date/Time column, this option will be greyed out).

2. Select the Event date/time column as the 'Start Date'

3. Select data to appear as the 'Event Title'.

4. Click 'Apply' and save the resulting calendar view.

The resulting calendar will look something like this:


The events will be shown by month. Users can page through events by month and return to the current month by clicking 'Today'. The above example includes events which extend across more than 1 day. 


  • Calendars are a unique view type and thus public ones can be filtered separately on the homepage 'View Types' filter menu.
  • You can provide an end date if your event extends across a few days
  • You can select more details to appear in the flyout which appears when you hover on an event
  • You can create a form on top of this calendar view which can be used to easily input event details into the calendar. This avoids the need for creating a working copy every time you want to add a new event. To make edits to existing events in the underlying dataset one must still edit through the working copy and publish the changes.
  • There is a 500 event per calendar limit



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