Use conditional formatting to enhance data and visualizations

Conditional formatting allows you to the following:

1. Change the background color of rows within your dataset based on criteria you set

2. Add custom icons to a point map

To use Conditional Formatting, click on the on the "Filter" button above the dataset and click on the "Conditional formatting" section.  


Changing the color of rows within your dataset

Start with a description name (1), then choose the color you'd like the rows to have (2). Then you will need to set when the color is applied (3) Note that the options are any condition, all conditions, or always. Once you've set this, you will need to input the condition by selecting a column from your dataset (4) and set a comparison (5). Once you are satisfied with your conditions, click "Apply"!


Adding a custom icon to a point map

Adding an icon is very similar to setting a background color for a row. Begin by naming the condition (1) and click on "Change" next to or this icon (2). This will allow you to choose a file (.jpg or .png) to use for the icon. Note you may need to play around with the sizing of the file before adding it, depending on how large or small you want the icons. Then set when this icon should be applied (3). If you'd like the icons to display for every point on the map apply the "Always" condition under When, if this is not the case, then you will need to set specific conditions in (4) and (5). Once you are done adding the icon, click "Apply"!


Here is an example of a point map with icons representing car and bike crimes in Seattle:



Additional notes

To keep best organizational practices, we recommend adding a description title for each condition/rule, however, it is not required.

The number of rules and conditions you can add are unlimited. Like the example above, you may add different custom icons for different aspects of your datasets.

You can only apply custom icons to point maps, we currently do not support this feature for geospatial files/maps.




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