Sort, Grouping, and Rolling up data

Click below to watch a short video on how to sort data within a dataset or filtered view

To sort, group, or roll up data within your dataset:

  1. When you have your dataset open, click on the blue “Filter” icon on the right.
  2. In the Filter right side bar, click on “Sort & Roll-up” and then check the box for “Roll-Ups and Drill Downs” to get the menu, seen in the screenshot below:
  3. Under “Group By” select the column name that has the values you want to summarize.
  4. Under “Roll-Up”, Select the values you want to roll-up, and “Function” of how you want to roll them up.
  5. Click “Apply” and you’ve successfully created your first roll-up! Below is what my new view of the dataset looks like:
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  • I want to give a good rating to Socrata, but I find using the rollup function to be non-intuitive, a slow to work with.

    I don't believe that outside of Socrata that  "Rollup" is a well defined term, so its usage here without a clear explanation could create issues.


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