Creating a dashboard

Dashboards are the highest level of organization in Open Performance. Each Dashboard has its own set of categories, and each category its own set of goals.

To access your dashboards, click on “Goals & Dashboards” from the Navigation Menu Bar.


You will be directed to the “All Dashboards” page, where you can view, edit, and delete all the existing dashboards, as well as create a new dashboard.


Creating a Dashboard

To create a new Dashboard, click the “New Dashboard” button in the upper right hand corner. A flyout box will appear where you can enter the title for the Dashboard. Click “Create” when you are done or “Cancel” if you do not want to create the Dashboard.


Once you click create, you will be taken to the “Edit” page for that Dashboard. 

Editing a Dashboard

On the dashboard edit page, you can do the following:


 a. Edit the Dashboard Title: click anywhere in the title text to start editing.

b. Set the Background Image: click "Set a new image" to find an image on your local drive to upload as the background image. The recommended width is a minimum width of 800-900px. The height does not matter, but the content that appears clearly on the top is dependent on the width of the browser.

c. Create a New Category: click "New Category" to add a new category to the dashboard.

d. Revert and Save: while you are editing, click revert or save.

e. Description: click in the light grey box to start entering text as a description for your dashboard. This text will be unformatted.

f. Make Public/Private: click "Make Public" or "Make Private" to change the privacy settings for your dashboard. All dashboards will default to private.


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