Understanding and managing Open Performance user roles

Socrata defines a number of user roles that are key to managing the people who generate goals, dashboards and reports. Open Performance user roles are very similar to the open data platform user roles.



How do I manage and edit user roles?

First, you will need to be an Administrator to manage user roles. If that is the case, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Configuration button in the header, and click on “Users” in the Open Performance section.

2. From the page below you can add and manage all your user accounts:

a. Search for users across any Socrata platform. This is particularly useful if you are looking to add users from your Open Data platform.

b. You can view and edit the roles of current users on the site.

c. For each user, you can Remove them or Reset their Password.

d. When you add a user who is new to the Socrata platform, they will appear as a pending account until they activate the account.

e. If the users do not already have a Socrata account, you can create new user accounts through the “Bulk Create.” See the next step for creating accounts.

3. To create accounts, enter in email addresses of users that will have the same Role. These emails can be separated by comma or entered one per line. Select the role they will have, and click “Create Accounts”


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