Using goal categories

Categories are a way to organize your goals inside a dashboard. Since dashboards begin with no categories, new categories will need to be created, and the color and order of each category can be edited.

Every dashboard contains a default category of "Draft Goals." This is where uncategorized goals live. The "Draft Goals" category, and its corresponding goals, will not appear on a public dashboard and is only visible through the internal tool.

Create a New Category

To add a category, click “New Category”:

The new category will appear underneath "Draft Goals" with a default name of "New Category". You can then edit this category.

Editing a Category

To edit a category name, click on the category name and begin typing. To delete a category, click on the “x” to the right of the category name.


To organize your goals into categories, you can click and drag each goal into its appropriate category:


Once you drag the goal in place, it will turn the color of the goal as it groups that goal into that category. Once categorized, a draft goal will be shaded if it is private. Goals can be made public only when it is part of a category.



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