Creating a Report

Socrata's report builder tool allows for an interactive experience where you can drag and drop components such as text, images, and visualizations into a report. Below is a short example of how to populate a report.

Before getting started, however, it is important to remember that, in order to drag and drop a dataset or visualization into a report, it needs to be public; if you are unable to add a dataset or visualization to a report, double-check its permission settings.

How do I create and edit a new Report?

1. Navigate to Performance Home and click "Browse Reports". Once there, click "Create New Report"

2. Enter a Title for your report and click Create:

3. Drag components for your report from the sidebar into the report space:

4. Click Undo and Redo to edit your changes.

5. Click Permissions to edit permissions of the report.

6. Click Settings to edit the settings of the report, including the name of the report and the path the report can be found. Note: for editing the path, do not remove the /reports/ prefix here or introduce characters that are not URL compatible such as spaces or it will cause errors. 

7. Click Save to save the report or Revert to discard all your changes since the last save. You may also click Save As to create a copy of the report.

Configuring a Horizontal Layout: 

1. Navigate to the edit mode of a report. Go to 'Advanced Components' and drag the Horizontal Layout option to the content editor space.


2. Next, click out of the horizontal layout component so it it no longer highlighted. You will still see the faint outline of the box so you can still see what you are doing in the next step! 

3. Drag over the report component of your choice to an area within the layout box. By default it will fall to the left, and appear to fill up the entire horizontal layout container. 

4. Next drag the second report component of choice. It is now the horizontal layout will become apparent. In the example below two pictures are shown side-by-site. Photo credit goes to the Daily Mail.



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