Create a new goal

Goals live within each Dashboard, and are organized by categories. There is also a section called ‘Draft Goals’ in each dashboard where uncategorized goals live.


Follow these steps to create a new goal on the dashboard:

1. Click “Add a New Goal”. You can do this either from the Draft Goals section, or you can create a goal directly in each category.

If you create a Goal in the Draft Goals section, you will need to drag it into a category before you can view it on the main dashboard.


2. Click "Edit" in the goal tile. The new goal tile will appear next to the dotted box you just clicked on, and it will be titled “New Goal.” Click on this tile, and a pop-up box will appear. From this box you can name your new goal and, if desired, choose an icon. You can also make the goal public or private (it will default to private).


3. Before you can go on to edit the Goal, you will need to save the dashboard page.



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