Editing the goal narrative

Have the new goal editor enabled? Follow this link for instructions on how to edit goals via the new experience!

If you are interested in enabling the new experience on your Open Performance site, please read this Support article.

Once you have the basics of the goal set up, you can add additional context through the Goal Narrative section. Click on the blue + to start:

 The four different content types you can add are:

  1. Two Column Layout: this creates two columns where you can add content. You will see two blue +’s next to each other where you can add text, images, and related visualizations.

  2. Text: this provides a text box for you to add formatted text. If you highlight the text you can edit the style.

  3. Image: clicking on the “Set a new image” button will prompt you to add an image from your computer.

  4. Related Visualization: you will be prompted to “Choose a new dataset” where you can browse the data library for a table, chart, map, document, etc.

Note: By hovering over the dotted line to the left of each component, you can click and drag to relocate on the page.

Through the blue + and x directly above each component, you can either add a component above, or delete the one below.


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