Add descriptions to your goals

After you define your Prevailing Measure, you'll see that your new goal also has some new language included! This language helps describe your goal to other people, and can provide context to the data shown. 


You can customize this content as shown below, as well as change the privacy settings on your new goal. 

1. Goal Headline

Goal headlines are automatically generated when you complete the Prevailing Measure Definition; a default goal headline is created based on the values you choose here. You can customize this goal headline by simply deleting the default and typing in something else. If you change your mind, you can click “revert” on the right to bring back the default.


2. Prevailing Measure Summary

Prevailing Measure Summaries are also automatically generated when you complete the Prevailing Measure Definition, and are also customizable. You can provide a brief summary of what it is you are trying to measure or accomplish here. Try to explain to a layperson what quantifies this goal and why it's important.


3. Goal Settings

If your goal is Public, anybody with the link to this goal can see it. It is visible on any public dashboards, and is available to be linked to reports and pages. If your goal is Private, only members of your organization can see this goal.



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