Open Performance Release Notes for 2/12/2015

Continually enriching the user experience is very important to the team here at Socrata. Throughout the year, we develop new features and incremental user enhancements, documenting our progress via these corresponding release notes. These improvements are delivered to our customer sites transparently and require little to no effort on your part. You can find the full list of Open Performance release notes here.

This document summarizes the Open Performance feature development work and fixes we’ve implemented in January and February, 2015. 


New Features

Tell a more fluid narrative by embedding hyperlinks within the descriptions of Related Measure tiles on a goal page.

  • In Edit mode, the publisher can now link to a report, dataset or any other URL directly from a Related Measure on a goal page. The text can also be bolded or italicized for emphasis.


In the Data Governance and Model Health section of goal page (only viewable when logged in), the numeric display for Percentage of Missing Data and Model Fit now rounds to 2 digits after the decimal place instead of 15, reducing visual complexity of the page. The Anderson-Darling test output has been removed entirely.


Based on feedback from several users, we’ve improved the Section 508 accessibility compliance for Open Performance, enhancing the site for use with screen readers.

  • Goal tile tags now use itemTitle goalName by default
  • Data hub section now allows tabbed navigation (e.g. no mouse)
  • Search box now has an input label


Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

Goal tile visualizations retained when goal status is manually overridden

  • Previously, Open Performance occasionally dropped icons and text on dashboard goal tiles when the status of the corresponding goal was changed
  • Now, regardless of the use of manual goal status override, the visualizations on the goal tile remain visible


Prevailing measure chart consistently renders on goal page

  • Sometimes, the prevailing measure chart fails to load with the goal page, requiring a page refresh in order to see the chart
  • A fix in the back-end application ensures, going forward, that the chart always loads with the page


Removing an embedded hyperlink from multiple-word phrase in the goal page narrative

  • Previously, the publisher could only remove the link from one word at a time
  • Now, removing the hyperlink from one word in the phrase removes the hyperlink entirely


Bulleted text in the narrative section that begins with a hyperlink now correctly displays the bullet


Labels on pie charts in Report Builder now consistently display the correct precision


Right-clicked spelling corrections in the narrative section no longer revert to incorrect when a goal is saved


Additional stability improvements to UI and backend systems



Note: the above release notes are not exhaustive.  Additional Open Performance user documentation can be found here.  Visit for user documentation, how-to guides and best practice material.

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