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Hide a Column

Sometimes there is private information in a dataset that you would rather the public not see. In this case, you can hide a column. (Users should preferably not host sensitive data on an open data portal)

You can easily hide a column by:

  1. Create a working copy
  2. Hide the column under the column menu or the manage panel.
  3. Publish the working copy of the dataset

Who can do this?

Site Roles: Administrators, Publishers, and Editors who are also Owners

Dataset Permissions: Owners and Contributors

Here I have a dataset of buried treasure and I need to hide the location column, for obvious reasons.

First I create a working copy by selecting the yellow edit button, then I select "edit dataset" under the edit panel.

Then I have two options:

Option one: I find the column I want to hide. In the right of the column header, I click menu. From the drop down, I select the hide column option.


Option two: I find the brown manage button. Under the manage panel, I find the section for Show and Hide Columns. I uncheck the column I wish to hide from the list of columns. Once the column is hidden, click apply.

Once I hide the column, I will no longer see it in the dataset. You can now publish the working copy of the dataset.

What if I need to see that column, or unhide it? The hidden column will always remain in the list of columns under the Show and Hide Columns section of the manage panel.

Important Note: If you wish to unhide or hide a column on a dataset that you are not the owner of, you will be asked to create a new filtered view when you save the working copy.


Updating associated views.

You may have noticed that after hiding the column in the dataset, that the column is still appearing in any associated views and charts.

If you would like to hide a column from the view table, all you need to do is navigate to your view, select the manage button, then select the Show and Hide tab, then unselect the checkbox for the column you would like to hide. Columns hidden in the base dataset will still be displayed by default in associated views.


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