How to manually change the y-axis min and max

Within Open Performance, users can specify the y-axis minimum and maximum values on the prevailing measure chart, helping publishers meet specific goal visualization needs.

Let’s walk through an example ...

Ensuring that you have first created a goal. The last step in the goal chart set-up wizard is to preview the calculation and resulting line graph. This is where we'll begin.

To modify the y-axis, click the new button labeled Override Chart Scaling.

MAX and MIN fields appear. Simply delete the existing numeric values and type your preferred minimum and maximum chart values. The chart will automatically resize itself according to your specifications.  In our example, we’ve changed the default y-axis minimum of 6 to 0.

Click Finish in the lower right corner of the chart, then Save at the top of the screen.

Your goal chart should now reflect the y-axis min and max values you just entered.


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