Open Performance Release Notes For 3/3/2015

Continually enriching the user experience is very important to the team here at Socrata. Throughout the year, we develop new features and incremental user enhancements, documenting our progress via these corresponding release notes. These improvements are delivered to our customer sites transparently and require little to no effort on your part. You can find the full list of Open Performance release notes here.

This document summarizes the Open Performance feature development work and fixes we’ve implemented in the last two weeks of February, 2015. 


New Features

Previously, users who needed to create a goal using a subset of data could only do so by saving a filtered view of the dataset in the data catalog. Now, users can filter the dataset directly in the goal creation tool, decreasing goal page set-up time and promoting catalog simplicity. Read the Filtered Views How-to Guide to learn more about using this feature.


Open Performance users can now specify the y-axis minimum and maximum values on the prevailing measure chart, helping publishers meet specific goal visualization needs. Read the Y-axis Scaling How-to Guide to learn more about using this feature.


Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

Improvements to the rich text editing toolbar:

  • Bold font styling applies correctly
  • Toolbar no longer inexplicably jumps to the top of the page in certain scenarios
  • Toolbar no longer changes the font size in conjunction with other text modifications

Prevailing measure chart consistently renders on goal page

Performance improvements for pages with embedded tables

Selecting a dataset from “Recent Datasets” now loads as expected

Lengthy goal headlines no longer overlap the “Explore the Dataset” link

Additional stability improvements to UI and backend systems



Note: the above release notes are not exhaustive.  Additional Open Performance user documentation can be found here.  Visit for user documentation, how-to guides and best practice material.

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