Open Performance Administrative Panel

Open Performance site administrators have access to the administrative panel. For any domain, appending "/admin" to the URL will direct you to this panel. In order to provide a more consistent and easy-to-navigate Administrative experience across the Socrata platform, we've matched the admin panel to the one used in Publica Open Data.

Site administrators will have access to all the same options:

  • Site Analytics: View sitewide statistics for datasets, views, visitors and more
  • Users: Manage users on your site and what permissions and abilities they have
  • Federation: Manage connections and data sharing with other sites via Open Data Federation Services
  • SDP Templates:Manage and customize the templates used for publishing your data via Socrata Data Players
  • DataSlate PagesList and manage the DataSlate pages on this domain
  • Asset Inventory: List the assets on this domain and configure the layout of the dataset page
  • Spatial Lens: Configure custom boundaries that can be used to create Spatial Lens maps
  • Site Appearance: Configure the appearance of your Socrata site
  • Home Page: Configure what content is featured on the home page
  • Jobs: See all current and recent long-running data processing jobs happening on your platform
  • Internal: Change and add modules, sites, and more
  • Goal Management: Manage all Open Performance goals on this domain, follow this link.
  • Connectors: Register a connector to bulk create and manage connected datasets.
  • Feature Flags: Manage feature flags for this domain


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