FAQ: Data Lens

Below are a few of the commonly asked questions we receive about Data Lens:

There are a few factors required to create a Data Lens. First, you need to have a role on the domain, end users do not have the option to create a data lens page. If you have the appropriate level of permissions, there will be a Data Lens option in the Visualize pane on the data table.

A Data Lens page can be created on a private or public published dataset. However, in order to make the Data Lens public, the underlying dataset has to be public.

For newly created datasets, there is a time delay of about an hour and a bit longer for larger datasets (>10mil rows) for the Data Lens option button to display.

Data Lens pages cannot be built off of filtered views, only the source tabular dataset.

Updates to the underlying data and schema updates and changes (such as adding new columns or changing column names and descriptions) should be reflected in about an hour (slightly longer if a large dataset).

There is no limit to the amount of Data Lens pages that can be created from a dataset.

Data Lens pages cannot be federated to another Data & Insights domain.

Visits to Data Lens pages will count in the total of page views for the site. There is a new type of chart that breaks down the different page views by page types. Data Lens is included as a particular data type. By selecting "Page Types" in the drop-down, you will see the traffic to the different page types over the selected time period.

In order to update the metadata, add "/edit_metadata" to the end of the URL.

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