FAQ: Troubleshooting Financial Applications

Most issues can be solved by checking the following things:

1. Are all of the datasets that power the app available and set as public?

Check if your dataset is private and follow this link for additional information on private datasets.

2. Are all of the required fields present?

Check the schema documents for your Public Finance apps:

Open Budget: Expense and Revenue

Open Budget: Capital Budget

Open Expenditures

Open Payroll

3. Are the API field names correctly mapped in the administration panel?

Make sure that your dataset columns are mapped properly and that each column is only mapped to one field.

4. Are there any blank cells?

Blank cells will cause errors in the application. Please ensure your datasets are filled out by following the specific schema. 

5. I updated my dataset. Why isn’t it showing in the application?

Your application should reflect the new data after about an hour and you have successfully:

  • Updated your Socrata dataset
  • Updated the current fiscal year in the Financial Transparency Admin Panel.  Be sure to clear your browser cache or do a “hard refresh” to make sure you are seeing the updated application.

6. What does it mean if I see Internal or 500 Server Error?

One of the datasets powering your app may be set to private or there is a misconfiguration within your dataset mappings.

7. What does it mean if I see Site Currently Unavailable?

Socrata may be experiencing a service outage, please see status.socrata.com.

8. I changed the column name in the dataset, but this change is not reflected in the app. Why?

The application only reads API-field names, not the columns names. To make name changes for the app, please modify the name via the field mapping sections of the administration panel.

9. Why is data from the underlying dataset not feeding into the app?

The likely culprit is the data type for a particular column does not match the schema.

10. Why am I not getting any results when I use the search functionality (Open Expenditures)?

In order for the search functionality to work on Open Expenditures, there must be a Data Lens page with a search card created from the Ledger dataset. 

As this data lens page typically only serves this singular purpose, we recommend making the lens private.

Note: Deleting this data lens page will result in errors with the search function.

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